A representative sample of recent Consultancy Services

Terre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland. Organisational review. A Review of Terre des hommes’s Jordan-Palestine Multi-Country Delegation (MCD) in the context of the organisation’s proposed policy of decentralisation / regionalisation.


Terre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne. Rapid Needs Assessment in the occupied Palestine territory. To provide an early understanding of unmet priority needs in Tdh’s areas of thematic concern in the West Bank and Gaza following a period of intense violence (Operation Guardian of the Walls).


WRAP, UK, a climate action NGO. Safeguarding. Developing a safeguarding policy for WRAP and the training of its senior team in its use.


Terre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne. Organisational review. Terre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne in Iraq: A Capitalisation / Lessons Learnt Report.


Terre des hommes Foundation, Gaza team. AGENCY: Action for Gender Equality, Non-Discrimination, Civil Society Strengthening and Youth Empowerment. Developing a partnership risk assessment (due diligence) framework for different categories of grant applicants.


Terre des hommes Foundation, Gaza team. Organisational development through webinars. Capacity building of Tdh Gaza’s national partners in Good Governance, Community Engagement, Risk Management and Safeguarding.


Terre des hommes Foundation, Gaza team. Organisational development / capacity building. Training of Tdh’s Gaza partners in MEAL via a three-day training course.


Terre des hommes Foundation, Gaza team. Organisational development / capacity building. Training of Tdh’s Gaza partners in Adaptive Management.


Choose Love, UK. Policy development and capacity building. Development of a full suite of safeguarding policies and the training of the team in their use.


HEKS, Switzerland (Swiss Church Aid). Proposal writing. Lead writer on two project proposals to an international donor to support work for Ukrainian refugees in Romania.


Leave No-one Behind, Germany. Safeguarding. Developing a Safeguarding policy and a Code of Conduct.


Raising Voices, Kenya. Technical assistance. To develop partnership templates to clearly define the collaboration between Raising Voices and their partners.


Saferworld. Executive mentoring / coaching services.

Global Giving. An investigation into safeguarding allegations in two not for profit organisations in Tanzania on behalf of Global Giving, leading a consortium of 5 UK NGOs. Objectives: 1. Establish the facts in relation to safeguarding allegations; 2. Record the organisations' response and 3, Review possible breaches of internal guidelines, policies and procedures.

The National Lottery Community Fund (formerly known as 'BIG').

To conduct a baseline review of existing policies and practices on safeguarding and identify future capacity-strengthening needs of 18 existing grant-holders and a purposive sample of their partners in Uganda and Tanzania. Deliverables included: 1 - A Safeguarding baseline survey of UK Grant Holders and the Community Fund, 2 and 3 - A representative baseline survey of downstream partners and a review of accountability mechanisms to beneficiaries and 4 and 5 - Developing a due diligence framework for SG for TNLF and capacity building.


Caritas Switzerland. Bangladesh country programme development. Three main tasks: 1. A review and evaluation of the programme phase, 2012 to 2016. A critical examination, drawing lessons learned and recommendations for future programming. 2. Contributing to the development of a future country programme strategy for 2017 to 2021. Development of thematic fields, including key approaches and their relevance to national priorities, potential implementation partners and potential cooperation partners, and 3. Drafting of a fundraising strategy. This includes an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in regard to the funding situation and potential of the programme, combined with targets and ways to achieve them.

Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) UK: Contribution to and editing of final emergency response report, Gaza.

A final evaluation of a Floating School and Healthcare Project funded by the United Kingdom's (UK) Big Lottery Fund (BLF), administered by Learning for Life (LfL) in Kishoregonj, Bangladesh, and delivered on the ground by the People's Organisation for Programme Development (POPI), a Bangladeshi NGO. To review the success of the project in achieving its four outcomes (access to primary school, access to sexual and reproductive health services, livelihoods and access to entitlements). Specific deliverables included: A measure of the project's results against the set indicators; To determine how the lives of children have been changed by the project interventions; To assess the impact of ante natal care (ANC) and post-natal care (PNC) among the targeted women; Measure the participation of local stakeholders in the project; Assess the extent to which the project changed the attitudes and practices of local level government service providers; Measure the extent to which IGA activities have improved the economic situation of the targeted families and Verify funds were used effectively and efficiently to deliver results.

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), London, UK: A review of DEC member agencies' humanitarian response to the post war (Protective Edge), crisis in Gaza.

To provide an overview of the response so far; identify gaps, priority areas and unmet needs from both a sectoral and cross-cutting perspective in order to inform Phase 2 funding and programming plans. To identify key lessons from this response including innovations and exemplary programming that encourages independence and reduces dependence upon aid. To review member agencies' responses against DAC criteria.

Amnesty International United Kingdom (AIUK), London. To support the development of a full funding proposal to DFID's Aid Match funding programme, with a proposal focussing on FGM and early/forced marriage in Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone. Specific inputs: 1. To support Amnesty International UK to develop a successful funding proposal to DFID's Aid Match Funding Programme and 2: to input as required as part of this process, looking specifically at monitoring and evaluation inputs.

Two-day workshop introducing the concepts of development planning, including the logical framework, outcome mapping and the theory of change, and a review of monitoring and evaluation tools for use in the field. Work commissioned by Amnesty International United Kingdom.

A review of a submission to the Big Lottery Fund analysis, conclusions and recommendations: Amnesty International United Kingdom.


Examining sustainable development strategies for MENCAFEP, Sri Lanka, a national disability rights NGO. Areas of investigation: 1, Developing a business plan for MENCAFEP Volunteer Tourism; 2, Developing a business plan for MENCAFEP's vegetable and fruit gardens; 3, Developing a plan for a Vocational Training outlet; 4, The revamping and re-launch of the MENCAFEP Training Programme. Project funded by USAID.

The evaluation of a project implemented by CINI ASHA in Kolkata and funded by Interact Worldwide through Comic Relief: LIFE CHANGES A better future for young people at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation.

A critical review of financial management of Sustainable Elimination and Prevention of the Worst Form of Child Labour Project in Bhairab, Bangladesh. The project jointly implemented by Learning for Life, UK and POPI, Bangladesh, funded by Comic Relief UK.

Financial and programme evaluation of post tsunami project at Colombo and Jaffna, Sri Lanka, funded by Methodist Relief Development Fund, UK.

Project planning with the 4 Bangladeshi partners of HEKS (Swiss Church Aid) and development of a monitoring and evaluation system. Contribute to HEXS' Bangladesh country programme strategic planning, focusing on the Value Chain, Conflict Transformation and a Human Rights Based Approach.

A review of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh (AB) Dhaka based Jatrabari Street Child project Methodist Relief Development Fund, UK.

End of project final evaluation of the Mother and Child Health and WASH work of Humanitarian International, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, with Terre des hommes Foundation, Switzerland.

Developing Gender and CRC indicators and management mechanisms within the programmes of CSKS, Dhaka, Bangladesh, for the Methodist Relief Development Fund, UK.

Evaluation of a project on street children in conflict with the law and impact on the law enforcers and judiciary department on CCL issues. The project was implemented by Rozan, Islamabad, Pakistan and funded by UNICEF.

Evaluation and analysis of the financial management system of internal control employed by Tdh-Lausanne, LKRO and Aschiana in the management of the Child Rights Consortium (CRC) in Kabul, Afghanistan, funded by the European Commission and in partnership of Terre des hommes Lausanne.

External mid-term evaluation of the multi-agency Child Rights Consortium (CRC) in Afghanistan focussing on an evaluation of its efficiency and effectiveness with regard to its overall objective. Funded by European Commission.

External mid-term evaluation and financial management practice of youth partnership project of Maiti Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal in the line with project agreement, funded by ECPAT International.

Institutional development / capacity Building of CSKS, Dhaka for the Methodist Relief Development Fund, UK.

A review of the social inclusion of street youth via long-term, formal liveable wage employment for the Jacobs Foundation, Switzerland.

A review of the capacity, participation and child protection for SEEDS Trust, India. International Childcare Trust, UK.

A five-day workshop on Child Protection and Child Participation Dhaka Bangladesh for the Methodist Relief Development Fund, UK.

A review of Kolkata based work on empowering street children for Hope for Children, UK.

A mid-term review of a street children's programme in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Methodist Relief Development Fund, London.

Mid project review. Children in a street situation, Kabul Afghanistan funded by the European Commission.

Evaluation of a project on children of women in prostitution at Jessore, Bangladesh. The project was implemented by Jagorani Chakra, funded by a Swiss child rights organization, SKIP-Fribourg (Pestalozzi).



Examples of research work


International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), Geneva, Switzerland: To review and compare various UN project partnership agreements for NGO implementation of humanitarian projects. Purposes: 1: To improve NGO understanding of different UN agency's approaches regarding reporting requirements, overhead support costs, partner personnel costs, counter-terrorism measures, etc. 2: To identify best practices found in project partnership agreements to inform future consultations with UN agencies as they update their agreement templates.


Three year Participatory Action Research (PAR) study on the social inclusion of street and working children by Aparajeyo Bangladesh, Bangladesh.


Three year action based research on positive changes in the life of children victim of sexual abuse and exploitation in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the organisation Aparajeyo-Bangladesh, funded by Comic Relief with the partnership of ChildHope-UK.


Conducted a 3 year research on economic evolution of slum dwellers and their health seeking behaviour in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the organisation Aparajeyo-Bangladesh, funded by European Commission with the partnership of Terre des hommes Italy.


Conducted a baseline study on children in a street situation and their possible reintegration into the society in Dhaka and Chittagong cities, Bangladesh with the organisation Aparajeyo-Bangladesh, funded by Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) with the partnership of Terre des hommes Lausanne.



Selected Financial Management consultation work


A critical review/audit of the financial management and accounting practice of 'Sustainable Elimination and Prevention of Child Labour in Fish Drying Plants', project, located at the coastline of Bay of Bengal in the southeast part of Bangladesh, funded by Comic Relief and jointly managed by Learning for Life UK, a London based international charity and POPI (People's Oriented Programme Implementation), a national NGO in Bangladesh.


Developed the financial management and accounting system, including training of accounts staff and budget holders, of Nari Unnayan Shakti, a women rights organization in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project was funded by UNICEF.


Developed and restructured the financial management and accounting system compatible with international standards of a tsunami victim's rehabilitation project implemented by the organisation Mass Education, Andaman Island, India and evaluated their capacity to handle budgetary provision. The project was funded by Terre des hommes-Lausanne.


Developed the financial management and accounting system, including training of accounts staff and budget holders, of (Stiftung Kinderdrof Pestalozzi) SKIP-Cambodia, a Swiss child rights organisation.


Developed the management and accounting system, including monitoring tools, of Terre des hommes Vietnam.


Developed and reorganised the financial management and accounting system, including training of accounts staff, of Terre des hommes Nepal.